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East Side Story is a coming out tale, involving a gay love triangle. Diego (Rene Alvarado) is a Latino homosexual, who is living with his grandmother Sara (Irene de Bari) in East Lost Angeles. Working to help his grandmother in the family Mexican restaurant, Diego is carrying on a secret sexual relationship with his male lover, estate agent, Pablo (David Beron), who is very much in the closet. They like to indulge in kinky and illicit sex games, which often proves difficult due to Diego’s living arrangements.

When Pablo insists he is straight and goes onto have sex with Diego’s nymphomaniac aunt Bianca (Gladise Jimenez), their relationship is threatened. This is no longer an issue for Diego, who has become frustrated with the secret nature of his relationship, and longs to become a chef in a more upmarket establishment. Then he meets and falls for Wesley (Steve Callahan), a white man who has moved in next door with his boyfriend Jonathan (Cory Schneider). This stops Diego from leaving.

Wesley returns the feelings and everything looks good for them, but the pair must face the difficulties of an inter-racial homosexual relationship including the problems caused by jealous ex-boyfriends and disapproving families. His family’s business is also threatened due to the homophobic nature of some of its patrons.

Themes examined in East Side Story include culture clash, sexuality and the politics of running a family business in a changing neighbourhood.

East Side Story




“A vibrant romantic comedy”
   LA Weekly

“A delightful, winning romance”
Around Philly 

Did You Know?

East Side Story was first released at the Newfest Film Festival on June 7, 2006, and one of the first mainstream American films to detail the story of an openly gay Latino man. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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