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Len Smithy (Matt Levett) is a champion just like his father at a NSW surf life saving club. But when the younger, faster and fitter Phil (Jack Matthews) arrives at the surf club and saves a young boy on his first day, it appears that Len’s grip on his revered top spot is slipping.

When Len catches a glimpse of Phil kissing his boyfriend, he develops conflicted feelings for Phil which triggers episodes of hedonistic rage.  The relationship descends into dangerous waters when Phil wins the annual Sydney lifesaving competition, a competition Len has won five times previously.

Taking Phil out on the town to celebrate, along with his friend Meat (Harry Cook), A drunk binge evening leads them to a gay bar with the ubiquitous dark room.  In here, Len finally gives in to his repressed feelings, only to be discovered by Meat.

Featuring flash sequences of a dramatic beach scene throughout Drown, the final act centres around a tense graphic ending.





“Performances are fearless.”
   Shadows On The Wall

Drown is a superior addition to the LGBT genre that you should put on your watchlist immediately. ”
   Entertainment Focus

“A film made with such ferocious intensity that it can’t be dismissed ignored.”
   Cinema Junkie

Did You Know?

Director Dean Francis and his team utilised “cinema on demand” to get Drown into cinemas, people were able to request a screening locally provided enough tickets are sold. The film was personal to Francis, who had seen and experienced homophobic bullying. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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