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In the gay horror flick Drink Me, stressed from losing his job, Andy (Darren Munn) is plagued by a recurring dream scenario featuring a mixture of gay cruising and dark sex magic.  James (Emmett Friel) his devoted and loving partner suggests advertising for a lodger and the duo interview Sebastian (Chris Ellis-Stanton), a mysterious blonde with a sinister dark humour, who immediately begins flirting with the recently engaged partners.

Dark clouds gather as Andy notices a missing cat poster in the neighbourhood and days later a missing person’s notification.  With his dream sequences becoming more lucid, he begins to suspect that Sebastian may have sinister intentions.  Andy begins to follow Sebastian when he ventures out of the house, James distances himself from Andy’s paranoia and Sebastian makes sexual advances to James.

James’ primeval pagan instinct battles against the beast as he attempts to be at one with the earth goddess.   Like a haemorrhaging vein the intense storyline blurs fact and fiction as James and Andy struggle to remain grounded and united against dark forces.

Drink Me



“It will entertain you and give you plenty of visuals to enjoy.”
   Entertainment Focus

“Manages to capture a surprising amount about the intimacy of relationships.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“James is so comfortable in front of the camera au natural, I almost felt inspired to sign up to the local naturist club.  A great masculine horror-thriller.”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

In preparation of their film roles, director Daniel Mansfield asked Darren Munn (Andy) to watch Mia Farrow’s terrified performance in Rosemary’s Baby, and Chris Ellis-Stanton (Sebastian) was asked to watch Sharon Stone’s dominant sexual predator performance in Basic Instinct. Drink Me, filmed in just 7 days was inspired by the films of David Lynch, in particular the dream / nightmare structure of Mullholland Drive. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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