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The motion picture tells the journey of Paul (Bradley Cross), a shy and awkward teenager, who meets and falls in love with assertive and independent George (Joe Gosling) while on holiday with his mother Denise (Janet Bamford) at a campsite in a remote Welsh countryside location. Paul and George’s love story is fraught with obstacles and compounded by Denise being a controlling mother and their own inner demons. The two teenagers promise to meet each other again the next summer, and escape England and their troubles and seek their futures in Australia. It is only Paul, though, who shows up at the agreed time. He then decides that he needs to find George and find out why he didn’t show up as promised.

He sets off with oversexed best friend Angharad (Emily Spowage) in pursuit of George. They are not alone on their quest as Denise follows closely at their heels.

For the characters it is an emotional journey. George teaches Paul to become his own person, out of Denise’s shadow; and Denise in turn has to learn to accept her son is gay. Even Angharad evolves quickly from loud-mouthed adversary to Paul’s best friend.

Dream On




“Magical moments of a delightfully relaxed approach to sexuality and the adult world, tremendous sub-plots that keep the film moving and together, and a soundtrack that helps blend the performances with the script”
   Manchester Salon

“The core becomes shaped into this story of a person pursuing a dream and his idea of perseverance, of saying what you want and not giving up when going after it.”

“In many ways comparisons between this film and the Jonathan Harvey classic Beautiful Thing are but inevitable, given both are UK productions, both are based on a successful stage play, in this instance writer and director Lloyd Eyre-Morgan’s own work and both feature the foundation theme of “making your own kind of music.”
Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

Dream On was originally a stage production developed for the big screen. The film reached and stayed at the number one spot on the LGBT Amazon chart for a few weeks.  The film takes viewers back in time with its portrayal of 80’s culture complete with clothes, hair, head bands, boom boxes and Polaroid pictures. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

Read our interview with Director Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

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