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In the gay themed film Dorian Blues, high school senior Dorian Lagatos (Michael McMillan) comes to realise he is gay and comes out to his brother, Nicky (Lea Coco). Nicky is a scholarship-winning quarterback and their father’s favourite. Dorian tries therapy and confession at church, but when these do not offer any help, Dorian has his first gay encounter. Nick tries to teach Dorian to fight and arranges a night with a prostitute to make him straight. These measures also fail,

Eventually, Dorian comes out to his father and is thrown out of the house after a bizarre argument. His father is concerned about who else might know about his ‘defective’ son. Dorian moves to New York City where he has a number of homosexual encounters and finds a boyfriend. When he is dumped however, he becomes depressed.

Nicky visits Dorian and joins him and friends at a gay bar. Nick’s football friends are in the bar and the two brothers ending up defending their sexuality to each other. Later in the night, Dorian learns that Nick was dropped from the football team, and they both find out their father has died of a heart attack. At the funeral Dorian’s mother admits that she regrets allowing his father to be angry with him.

Dorian Blues


“Bardwell manages a sincere portrait of what it’s like to be young and closeted.”
  Joshua Katzman, Chicago Reader

“Humour that will delight the Napoleon Dynamite set.”
  The New York Times

“Deftly juggles wry comedy and wrenching drama.”
  The Onion

Did You Know?

The film Dorian Blues is loosely based on a colleague roommate of the director Tennyson Bardwell.  Dorian Blues was also the feature film acting debut for actor Michael McMillan. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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