Gay Essential Films To Watch, Different From Whom? (Diverso da chi?)

Piero Bonutti (Luca Argentero) is not your typical left-wing supporter. He’s an openly gay, fun-loving young man who is dedicated to social revolution and bringing change in the political environment. Frantic, devoted and oftentimes overly impulsive, Piero is determined to become the town mayor of an extremely traditional city in North Eastern Italy. Despite his kind heart, Piero is no newcomer to the political table – he’s sly, well-informed and knows how to bank on people’s shortcomings. This is why he decides to use his orientation as an advantage and turn his sexual identity into a well-thought, ingenious election strategy.

The conservative electorate and the prejudiced voters are not prepared for what Bonutti has in store for them and their patently right-wing town. However, Piero is in for a surprise of his own – during the campaign, his party decides to pair him with Adele Ferri (Claudia Gerini), an intractable and highly conservative politician. The woman is chosen as a candidate for deputy mayor and is a firm believer in the supremacy of tradition and family at the core of an accomplished, civilized society. Piero’s lifelong lover, Remo (Filippo Nigro), is also taken aback by this unexpected turn of events, as his relationship with his partner is jeopardized by the woman’s arrival. Slowly but surely, Piero finds himself increasingly attracted to Adele and her charm and starts to strongly question his sexual orientation.

Different From Whom?




“The comedy deals with the difficulties of homosexuals in Italian society.”
   Film Reporter

“A refreshing comedy about gender roles and differences, about tolerance and the fall cords of politics, as they are, above all, in Italy.”

Different From Whom? is a lively comedy”
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Did You Know?

In Different From Whom? (Diverso da chi?) the actor who plays the film’s main character, Luca Argentero, received a great deal of attention for his performance, which was admittedly not his only homosexual role – the first was in Ferzan Özpetek’s Saturn in Opposition (2007). Both films were proclaimed by some critics as being intendended more for the mainstream media and, consequently, for being guilty of occasionally pandering to straight audience. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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