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Jaime Figueroa Alcorta (Martín Wullich) is a renowned and affluent senior citizen of Buenos Aires who happens to be gay. Owning a luxurious mansion in the Recoleta neighborhood, the man is murdered there on a summer night. The police begin an investigation and send over Inspector Chávez (Demián Bichir), a quick-witted detective, and his partner, Dolores Petric (Mónica Antonópulos). A young police officer named Gómez (Chino Darín) informs Chávez that the victim owned an item from the gay nightclub Manila. The two men decide to further investigate and go after Kevin González (Carlos Casella), a singer who was romantically involved with Alcorta.

Chávez’s personal life is a shambles – his marriage is falling apart, he does not trust his own instincts on the job and he is becoming more and more confused about his sexuality. As him and Gómez continue to work on the Alcorta case together, the man notices he is sexually attracted to his partner, which gets in the way not only of the investigation, but also of Chávez’s intuition and his new relationship. The two officers get caught in a bar fight when supervising Kevin and the singer uses the opportunity to escape. However, Chávez has a plan – he wants to use Gómez (particularly, his good looks) to lure Kevin in and make him confess to the murder. But things do not go according to plan.

Death In Buenos Aires




“Chino Darin is oozing with charisma.”
   Pasha’s Film Reviews

“Visually, the film is a delight.”
   Glam Adelaide

“Ever met a man who is so beautiful that he is able to seduce men who consider themselves to be straight? No? Well folks, you’re in for a treat. Meet Officer Gómez. You’re welcome.”
   Calgary Movies

Did You Know?

Death In Buenos Aires (Muerte en Buenos Aires) drew inspiration from the controversial, real-life homicide of Luis Emilio Mitre, a shareholder who was found dead in his Recoleta apartment. It was eventually revealed that the crime scene was cleaned and its “official” examination was in fact fabricated. Luis Emilio was choked to death and the motivations behind the cover-up operation were never uncovered. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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