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Date and Switch follows the quest of two best friends in high school, Matty (Hunter Cope) and Michael (Nicholas Braun), to get laid for the first time before senior prom. As a reward for their future success, they lovingly craft a special pot brownie to be enjoyed only after the achievement of their goals. Soon after, Matty comes out to Michael, a surprisingly naïve, yet open and supporting best friend. After a short initial bout of confusion, Michael commits to do everything he can nevertheless to help Matty still reach his desire, vowing to do some research and participate as his wingman.

His research leads to an uproarious moment of confusion when Michael’s father, Terry (Nick Offerman), walks in on him while investigating gay porn. Having satiated his curiosity, Michael embarks on his mission as Matty’s wingman. After Matty expresses his distaste in the type of boys at his school, they decide to go to a gay nightclub, finding only stereotypical embodiments of gay culture, which Matty decides he’s also not interested in.

Things heat up after a car accident helps introduce Matty to Greg (Zach Cregger), who seems to be the perfect mix of sensitivity and masculinity. Michael has issues with the match, though, and likewise finds himself embroiled in drama after he develops a crush on Matty’s ex-girlfriend. Ultimately, though, the friends stick together and are able to find their own happiness, learning more about themselves and each other on the way.

Date and Switch




“Like a fresh ripple in the near-stagnant high school movie pool, Chris Nelson’s Date and Switch balances formula with winning performers, genuine humor and a generosity of spirit that this genre too often lacks.”
   The New York Times

“Nelson’s amiable comedy occasionally gets fixated on things that don’t serve its overall purpose and is too self-conscious to really shine. But it’s a more competent, accessible film than its stealthy theatrical release suggests.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“This likable modest little high-school comedy is smarter, funnier, and sweeter than anything the teen genre has seen in a while”

Did You Know?

Director Chris Nelson says that he was influence by the films of his favourite director, Pedro Almodóvar, in trying to make sure that his main characters didn’t fit easily into standard character types, and screenwriter Alan Yang intentionally assigned more of the typical “gay” characteristics to the straight male best friend with this purpose in mind. Yang had also based the script off Date and Switch of experiences of his own from high school. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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