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Life has been hectic and stressful for Alexa Walker (Emmy Rossum), a young graduate who loves acting and wants to turn her passion into a profession. However, the drama club she is in, as well as her new role have both taken a toll on the girl’s health – she is worn-out mentally and has been missing her periods. She tries to get on the pill to get rid of the issue, but the play she is preparing for is not without its problems either. Johnny Drake (Zach Gilford), her scene partner, does not seem too invested in putting on a good performance. As it turns out, he is part of the drama club only because he is no longer allowed to play football.

Alexa’s personality radically shifts when she meets Grant Matson (Alan Cumming), an old grad of the high school who comes by the girl’s town and inspires her to be more daring. The eager actress goes on to seduce Johnny and completely change both her looks and perspective on life. This drastic transition slightly worries, but also emboldens her homosexual friend, Ben Berger (Ashely Springer), who decides to imitate Alexa – starting with her game of seduction to win over Johnny.





Dare portrays teenagers with actual depth, breaking away from the conventional stories we see so often in films involving high schoolers.”
   Cinema Blend

Dare lays out some interesting psychological puzzles.”
The New York Times

“What elevates Dare above the usual high school fare is the quality of the writing by David Brind, crisp direction by Adam Salky and a uniformly attractive and compelling cast led by the delightful Emmy Rossum.”
The Hollywood Reporter

Did You Know?

Johnny and Ben are also characters of Adam Salky’s 2005 short film (also entitled Dare). The director came up with the idea for the film along with the movie’s writer, David Brind, after the two met in Columbia. Brind also has a cameo in the 2009 film, appearing in the role of Nick’s character. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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