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Daddy follows Colin McCormack, played by actor Gerald McCullouch, a successful middle-aged television journalist in Pittsburgh.  He has everything he needs in life: a great anchor job on a hot new news program, great car, and a seemingly endless stream of young gay men.  He also has his best friend Stew (writer Dan Via) living right next door.  However, Colin’s perfect life is called into question when young intern Tee starts working for him.

Stewart had always been there for Colin, a long time friendship that spanned most of their adult lives.  However, the introduction of Tee to Colin’s life leaves Stew feeling a little left out and under appreciated.  Colin, at first, is unclear of why Stew feels the way he does as he continues to live his life the way he wishes despite the undercurrent of wanting something more and feeling the loss of change.

When Stew decides to move away, Colin is confronted with the fact that Stew is and has always been his partner.  Realizing the Stew is the only family he needs, Colin makes changes in his own life, which enables him to truly understand what family is, and question the traditional same-sex marriage beliefs that family and marital bliss are not available to same-sex couples.





“Very powerful and filled with emotion.”
   The Film Reel

“A better than average queer flick.”
   Guy Mag

“A refreshing gay-themed movie.”

Did You Know?

Though the story is set in Pittsburgh, PA, the bulk of the film Daddy was actually shot in Los Angeles, a city with entirely different weather and landscapes.  Due to limited budget, lead actor and director Gerald McCullouch only had 36 hours to film in Pittsburgh, which he used to capture exteriors and cutaways of the city.  Booking his hotel while in the air, McCullouch kept the camera rolling for almost the entire 36 hours and luckily managed to capture every weather scenario he needed for the film: rain, snow, sun, and clouds. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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