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Sparra Farrell (Alex Russell) is a former felon from 1970s’ Australia who wants to redeem himself, contribute more to society and have a fresh start in life. After finding a decent job and trying to make an honest living through hard work, Sparra decides to propose to his partner, Paula (Jessica De Gouw), and plans on becoming a happily-married man. However, all of his redemptive life plans are threatened when one of his former cell mates, Pommie (Sullivan Stapleton), makes an appearance.

Pommie is an engrossing and resourceful convict who quickly becomes deeply entangled in Sparra’s new home. Although Paula is very reticent about her fiancée’s old friend, that does not stop the emotionally-disturbed Pommie from forcing himself in his ex-cell mate’s relationships and life. Soon enough, the Aussie felon begins pressuring Sparra into picking up their criminal activities from where they left off before being imprisoned. The latter is unsatisfied with his low-paying job but is still very adamant in his earnest desire to live an honorable, traditional life. However, he is still undecided if this ambition was simply a respite from lawlessness or a permanent change. What soon transpires is also that Pommie and Sparra were lovers in prison and seemingly still have feelings for each other – which leads to a whole host of problems and a not-so-orthodox love triangle.

Cut Snake




“Allusions towards the reveal make themselves known in a few instances, and although it isn’t subtly handled – machismo and violence often get in the way of true emotions – it’s certainly a believable story.”
   Eye For Film

Cut Snake kicks into gear when it lays bare what most other gangster films prefer to leave as subtext: the homoerotic bond between all these bad boys that dominate our screens.”

Cut Snake provides some fascinating food for thought surrounding gender roles and the concept of masculinity – particularly in the blurred lines between machismo and homoeroticism.”
   Culture Fix

Did You Know?

The film’s title is a reference to the Australian expressions “mad as a meat axe” or “mad as a cut snake”, which depicts the result of severing a snake’s head off – rabid anger and insanity. Cut Snake is used in reference with the heated and neurotic character played by Sullivan Stapleton. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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