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Shane Butler (Michael Legge) is a civil servant looking for a room to rent in Limerick in the film Cowboys and Angels. Whilst viewing potential properties he meets Vincent Cusack (Allen Leech). When he finds the perfect place, but cannot afford it, estate agent (Jennifer Barry) suggests that he and Vincent share the flat.

When Shane moves in, Vincent has already spread himself out so Shane has to make do as best he can. One evening when Shane comes home, the object of his affections, Gemma is there, as she is a friend of Vincent. Gemma is considering going back to art school so Shane says that he is too. When Vincent and Gemma talk about him, Shane overhears them and goes out for a walk.

Returning home, Shane accidentally finds a bag of drugs. In the morning the drug dealer Keith finds Shane putting the bag back. Keith buys Shane a drink and tells him he will give him 1,000 Euros if he will collect some hash from Dublin.

Shane collects the paperwork to request admission to his art course however he gets stuck and discards it. After a series of disasters, he successfully delivers the drugs to Keith who pays him. Shane and Vincent fall out when Vincent discovers that Shane has drugs in the apartment. They make up when Shane is repentant and helps Vincent with his fashion show preparations.  The police then arrive with a search warrant and find the drugs and the flat mates are taken to see the inspector, who turns out to be a former lover of Vincent. The two are then freed and the fashion show goes ahead.

Cowboys and Angels




“Here we witness a healthy friendship between a gay and straight male that doesn’t call for stilted changes in personality or sexual orientation.”
   Chicago Tribune

“Enlivens the classic premise of innocent-in-the-city by moving its archetypal characters in unexpected directions.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“The coming-of-age story about the corruptions of the big city has been done a few thousand times, but at least this one offers a fresh mix of open-minded intelligence and a heartfelt point of view.”
The New York Times

Did You Know?

Director David Gleeson once worked in the Department of Agriculture office where the scenes in Cowboys and Angels were filmed. Some of the extras are the actual people with whom he used to work with. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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