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In ClandestinosXabi (Israel Rodríguez) is an abandoned child who’s been imprisoned and wants to stage a terrorist attack in Madrid in order to win an old ETA commando member named Iñaki (Luis Hostalot). After escaping with his friends, Joel (Hugo Catalan) and Driss (Mehroz Arif), from a youth detention center in Ciudad Real, Xabi travels to Madrid and befriends two young girls, Rebeca (Inma Cuevas) and Marta (Pepa Aniorte). Despite forming consistent bonds with those around him, Xabi is dedicated to a single mission – finding a former terrorist named Iñaki, who was part of ETA. Although Iñaki eventually disappears, Xabi is determined to win his heart and prove to his lover that he can be an asset for the Basque cause.

Looking for a place to make money, the young man is taken in by an elderly politician. At his house, Xabi goes through the old man’s belongings, finds a gun and runs away with it. In his attempt to become a devoted “gudari”, he comes up with a plan to stage a terrorist attack that will hopefully draw Iñaki’s attention and help him win over his Basque fellow. Along with his friend, Driss, Xabi visits a local store and buys all the ingredients necessary to make a bomb. Everything becomes more complicated when Iñaki’s apprehensive female companion threatens the young boys and Xabi’s imitation bomb goes off, hampering the real ETA commando’s agenda.





“An intriguing mix of teen drama and terrorism thriller ”
   Shadows On The Wall

“Raging tale of terrorism, served with gay twist”
Gay Celluloid

“The delicate matter of terrorism, which has claimed many Spanish lives, is treated here with a great deal of black humour.”
Andy’s Film World

Did You Know?

Although the film’s topic is rather controversial, Antonio Hens stated that Clandestinos is not based around terrorism at its heart. While the movie certainly has many tangents related to corruption, terrorist practices and the psychology of bomb groups, the heart of it lies in the heartfelt love and friendship between the main character and the mentor-like figure, Inaki. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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