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Ciao starts with a bang as Mark (Charles W. Baum) dies in a tragic car crash in Dallas. In the aftermath of this terrible incident, his friend Jeff (Adam Neal Smith) is left to deal with the pieces, taking care of the necessary process of informing relatives and organizing his final belongings. While sifting through Mark’s e-mails to find other people that might need to be informed of his passing, he finds out that an Italian man, Andrea (Alessandro Calza), had already planned on coming to Texas to visit Mark. Jeff decides to let him know what happened, and to invite him anyway to spend a couple of days together to reminisce about their mutual acquaintance.

The rest of the film details the impact that Mark had on both of their lives as they disclose intimate details about their past to each other, and the two are soon united in their grief, drawing them close together to form an intimate bond that begins with their mutual bereavement but seems to become something much deeper. As the two realize their feelings for each other, Andrea announces that he still has to go back to Italy at the end of his 2-day trip, but invites Jeff to come visit him at some point in the future.




“Deeply sincere”
   The New York Times

Ciao is a wonderful example of what can happen when a filmmaker works outside the box”

“A quiet, thoughtful tale of friendship and love, shared sorrow and new beginnings.”
   Reviews by Jessewave

Did You Know?

Ciao began its life through an online discussion between director/writer Yen Tan and actor/writer Alessandro Calza, who had written to Tan after having watched another film by that director online, creating a friendship with some degree of parallel between the two characters of the film, with the character of Andrea largely based off of real-life Calza. However, the film initially was crafted as a sexy rom-com, and it wasn’t until 10 draft revisions that the final form was determined. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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