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In Children of God, a quiet and reserved art student named Johnny (played by Johnny Ferro) is having something of a creative block. Unable to paint or process his own emotions, Johnny is at risk of losing his scholarship and being forced to leave art school. That is, until local bad boy Romeo (played by Stephen Tyrone Williams) runs into Johnny on the island of Eleuthera in the archipelago of the Bahamas. Romeo has a troubled past that includes some run-ins with the law, drug use and abuse, and a not-so-perfect open relationship with his girlfriend. Hitting it off with Johnny, Romeo teaches him how to relax and let go of stress through activity. The two men swim together, jump off cliffs, and dance, giving Johnny the stress relief he needs.

However, this lover’s tale takes place in the Bahamas, where homophobia is quite common, a reminder to Johnny that everything is not as perfect as Romeo makes it seem. A local pastor’s wife, Lena (expertly played by Margaret Kemp) spots Johnny and Romeo and makes it her mission to hurl Bible-based curses at them. The product of a broken marriage to her husband (played by Mark Richard Ford), Lena refocuses her own mental and emotional anguish as hateful antigay bigotry.

Children of God




“A skinny white boy from Nassau falls for a buff black islander in Children of God, a lush Bahamian romance stalked by homophobia and religious hatred.”
   The New York Times

“With a cast made up largely of Bahamians and a crew that mixed both locals and outsiders, the movie was shot over 24 days across the country, benefiting from some of the most glorious locales in the world.”
The Hollywood Reporter

“I found Children of God to be both a moving plea for tolerance and a romantic interracial gay love story.”
Three Movie Buffs

Did You Know?

Writer and director Kareem Mortimer had initially planned for his film, Children of God, to be a lighthearted romance story. However, during the time he was conceiving the film’s storyline, The Bahamas suffered a very dark time. Five gay men were brutally slaughtered as a wave of homophobic backlash spread across the islands. Mortimer, who was directing documentaries at the time, decided he needed to change the script for Children of God, to more accurately reflect the challenges of the time. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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