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Chef’s Special (Fuera De Carta) is a Spanish revival of screwball comedy, combining romance and humour in satirical form. The film revolves around Maxi (played by Javier Camara), a renowned chef in a small restaurant. Thriving in chaos, Maxi is joined by a staff who only add to the drama Maxi is already dealing with. As the restaurant is gradually losing money and appears to be failing, Maxi and his employees let their true colours show.

Meanwhile, a former footballer and current sports announcer named Horacio (played by Benjamin Vicuna) is moving in across the hall from Maxi. The handsome new neighbour catches Maxi’s eye, but also catches the eye of Maxi’s lovelorn maître ‘d, Alex (played by Lola Duenas). As both Maxi and Alex seize upon the new man in town, Maxi gets a disturbing phone call from the local hospital. The caller reports that his estranged wife is dying, and Maxi is saddled with raising his two children, Edu and Alba (played by Junio Valverde and Alejandra Lorenzo).

As Maxi takes the reigns of child-rearing, he cautiously pursues Horacio. However, Horacio stays in the closet, out of fear that he might lose his sports announcing career. Unfortunately this makes Alex none the wiser, as she seeks out a straight relationship with a closeted gay man.

Chef's Special




“Velilla’s pace is non-stop, and Chef’s Special (Fuera De Carta) is a consistent laugh.”

“A tasty Spanish farce with a host of exuberant, if neurotic characters brought to the screen by a charismatic cast of players.”
Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

While Javier Camara carries the lead role of Maxi, the chef at the centre of Chef’s Special (Fuera De Carta), he was nearly overshadowed by a legend of Spanish film.  Originally, a part was written for the renowned Spanish actor and director, Fernando Fernan-Gomez, who has over 200 acting credits to his name.  Unfortunately, the 86 year old Fernando Fernan-Gomez died of heart failure in late 2007, several months shy of the release date for Chef’s Special.  This film would have been his final performance. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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