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The psychological gay-themed drama Celluloid draws viewers into the heart of dysfunctional family life. Central to the story is mum Dawn’s (Janet Bamford) mental breakdown and how her two troubled teenagers Nicola (Olivia Sweeney) and Josh (Daniel Booth) deal with their mum’s mental breakdown as well as their own individual inner demons, and in addition to maintaining normal lives.

All three are trapped in the situation with the teenagers trying their best to support their mother. Dawn is unable to escape the trauma of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father.

At the age of 15, Josh secretly desires his girl-chasing best mate Mikey (Joe Watts), but he also takes tentative risky steps to discovering his sexuality on the web. It is while online that he meets a young American blogger Ryan (Bradley Cross) with whom he develops a relationship.

While Nicola escapes her troubles through drinking and partying, she too, is on the point of her first sexual experience. She finds herself attracted to bad boy Barnesey (Jody Latham).



“Really is quite the triumph”
   Vada Magazine

Celluloid succeeds with emotional authenticity throughout”
   Attitude Magazine

Did You Know?

The makers of the hit film Dream On gives us Celluloid which explores the themes of coming to terms with sexuality, memories and family dysfunction. The film features dream sequences and video journals as a unique cinematography and production design, to enable the film to convey that trapped feeling experienced by the characters simply through the lines in the camera viewfinder. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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