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Cal is the much awaited follow-up film to the 2009 hit, Shank. The sequel sees the return of Cal (WayneVirgo), now 20 years old, back to his home city so economically different to the one he fled. The bleak economic outlook that plunges Bristol in a surge of social unrest with nightly rioting and looting thanks to rising youth unemployment mirrors Cal’s own depressing personal situation. Cal struggles to fit into this new world he faces. He is unable to find a job and he constantly clashes with his mother.

His mother, who cannot accept him being gay, lies terminally ill in hospital, and his alcoholic Aunty Jane (Emily Corcoran) who has settled herself in their dilapidated council house, makes disturbing attempts to sexually seduce him. A ray of hope in the form of a young student named Jason (Tom Payne) who enters Cal’s life needing his help. Cal’s act of kindness sparks new trouble for him as he earns the wrath of Jason’s drug dealing pimp Ivan (Daniel Brocklebank). Cal finds himself in a race against time across levels. He is determined to make peace with his mother before it is too late and escape Ivan’s clutches by leaving town.





“Gay cinema with a bite.”
   Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

One day before the filming of Cal, a police SAWT team placed director Christian Martin under arrest for handling guns and firearms by mistake.

Filming locations in Bristol include Montpelier Park, Blackberry Hill Hospital, an industrial Estate near Pennywell Road, Trenchard Street Car Park, St Paul’s area, Skull graffiti building in Ninetree Hill, a laundrette in Cotham Road South and a recently demolished housing estate in Southmead. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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