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Helena (Irene Azuela) and Sebastián (Angel Onésimo Nevares) are two young adults who have very different aspirations, but both dream of leading a happier, more unrestrained life. Their mother, Eugenia (Claudette Maillé) is a retired pop singer who had a successful career before becoming bedridden. Her fame and health both suddenly declined when she developed terminal cancer. The woman now spends most of her time too sick to move, and her two children look after her. Helena has big dreams of travelling the world, but has given them up in order to care for her dying parent. She has no more friends or acquaintances and no foreseeable career plans. This has turned her into a hostile and smothering person who is overly controlling and emotionally abusive towards her sibling.

On the other hand, Sebastián does not share his sister’s ambitions – he is part of a Catholic high school, wants to paint his room and have a quiet, peaceful time by the beach. He appreciates the simple, small things in his life and is fairly introverted, only spending time with his close friend, Efraín (Juan Carlos Barreto). However, his endeavor to redecorate his room is constantly interrupted by unexpected visits from Helena. The young girl relentlessly intrudes on his privacy and even attempts to start an incestuous relationship with him. But Sebastián is secretly in love with Juan (Bernardo Benítez), a boy who has just been enlisted for their school.

Burn The Bridges



“It’s well worth searching out if only for Azuela’s magnetic performance and the gorgeous look of the film.”
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“An extraordinary movie drama from Mexico.”

“Go see this movie, maybe it doesn’t answer the question of finding yourself, but it’s not set out to do that. It’s called “Quemar Las Naves” not “Encuentrate!” To find one’s “self” you gotta leave all else behind first.”

Did You Know?

Burn The Bridges (Quemar Las Naves) has been compared to the renowned work of Pedro Almodóvar, as well as the golden age of the Spanish “Movida”, a remarkable period of cultural revolution and development. The movie theme “Mi Principio”, composed by Alejandro Giacomán and José Alfredo Rangel is sung by pop singer Julieta Venegas which was a hit song in Mexico. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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