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In Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas, Earlene runs away from an ex lover and arrives in Venice Beach, CA.  Getting by through rental scams and questionable practices for raising money, Earlene eventually meets Bruno, a transitioning skater.  Both having an affinity for the counterculture, the two quickly form a deep friendship and decide to run off into the desert to avoid their dark pasts.

Escaping for Las Vegas, the two come across a motely band of strippers, drag queens, and other runaways.  Amidst the challenges of this journey, Earlene and Bruno each experience their own self discovery, maturing in their own way and ultimately coming to terms with secrets and problems that have haunted them.  Their friendship, which once served as a crutch for each, is altered by this experience forever.

Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas




“Wonderfully refreshingly; frankly this is a downright entertaining debut and definitely a trip, worth taking.”
   Gay Celluloid

“Beautifully shot and with a narrative crescendo containing shades of Thelma and Louise, Reservoir Dogs and even The Italian Job.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“It’s beautifully produced, looking really polished for its tiny budget. The narrative is loose and sprawling, the script uneven, but the film has a solid core.”
   Eye For Film

Did You Know?

During the film Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas, Earlene is compared to a young Susan Sarandon “in that buddy movie.”  Mistaking this reference, Earlene believes she is being compared to The Banger Sisters, while the reference is actually to the classic “friends escaping their past across the desert” film, Thelma & Louise. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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