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Vito Fortunato (Anthony J. Caruso) has struggled all of his life with choosing between his calling and his relationships. Even if he manages to tone down his sexual urges, he still has a deep yearning for romantic affection. For many, all of these are natural desires, but for Vito, a homosexual man who has become a Brother of the Catholic Church, these drives are hindering his potential. The young man is taken under the wing of Brother Mike (Gerald Broding), a caring and guiding figure in his life, but he is conflicted and cannot relinquish his deep-seated cravings. After several debates with his mentor, Vito finally seems to be making progress. Although he still cherishes living every moment to the fullest, he also begins to see the limitations of his pursuits.

Only a few months away from his vows to become a Brother, he is at an important crossroads. As a proud gay man who has long been out of the closet and has experimented with a variety of people on his road to self-discovery, Vito is ready to renounce his old lifestyle and fully devote to God and a more ascetic existence. However, his commitment is once again tested when he meets Gabe Rimes (Derek Babb), a summer volunteer at an AIDS center in San Francisco. As their connection grows stronger, Vito discovers that there is no one path to follow in order to reach faith and brotherly love.

Brotherly Love



“The message behind Caruso’s film is how your faith and your sexuality can co-exist.”
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Did You Know?

Anthony J. Caruso had a larger scope in mind when scripting and creating his latest movie. The film’s director grew up in the Catholic Church, but his intention with Brotherly Love was not only to focus on the main character’s turmoil of being forced to choose between his spiritual mission and his sexuality. In an interview about his motion picture, Caruso stated that the story is also about heavier topics such as fear of intimacy, celibacy as a means of avoiding rejection and embracing both faith and sexuality as an LGBTQ individual. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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