Gay Essential Films To Watch, Broken Sky (El Cielo Dividido)

Gerardo (Miguel Angel Hope) and Jonas (Fernando Arroyo) are a young, love-struck couple who met in university and invariably seek out new experiences, both sexually and emotionally. The two are deeply in love – they learn together, party together and constantly experiment with their sexuality. However, the two students are very much still young and haven’t yet been exposed to the lustful temptations of life.

When Jonas is out in a gay nightclub, he meets an enticing stranger and becomes enamored with him, completely ignoring his lover. Gerardo is heartbroken and seeks consolation in the arms of Sergio (Alejandro Rojo), a fellow gay student whom he meets on campus. Although both Gerardo and Jonas are now involved in tacit, secret affairs and that causes them to have a fall out, the two care deeply for one another and are not willing to break off the relationship. The film brings to life a heartwarming, earnest friendship between the two main characters. Broken Sky (El Cielo Dividido) manages to impress its audience with a sincere, realist outlook on life and relationships.

Broken Sky




“The film communicates the jealousies and hurt that comes with almost any relationship worth fighting for”

Broken Sky, is horny and impetuous, even as it frequently moves with the pace of a reverie.”
Reverse Shot

“Film’s elegant cinematography is a pleasure to watch.”
Deborah Young, Variety

Did You Know?

Broken Sky is part of Julian Hernandez’ trilogy, alongside A Thousand Clouds of Peace (2004) and Raging Sun, Raging Sky (2008), which all won a Teddy Award. In the animated TV series Family Guy, Broken Sky is one of the movies playing at the drive-in (Family Guy: Road to Rupert 2007). Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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