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A comedy-drama film set in the 1970s, Breakfast on Pluto tells the story of Patrick “Kitten” Brady (Cillian Murphy) who is a transgender woman searching for both love and the mother who abandoned her as a baby.

When Patrick is in his late teens during the early 1970s, he gets into trouble and school and, having renamed herself Kitten, approaches her father during confession and attempts to find out about her mother to no avail. Kitten runs away from home getting a lift with a glam rock band ‘Billy Hatchet and the Mohawks’. She moves into Billy’s (Gavin Friday) trailer, where she discovers his stock of smuggled IRA weapons. At this time she meets Irwin and his girlfriend Charlie. Billy runs away from the IRA leaving Kitten behind.

Kitten moves to London with the intention of finding her mother. After a brief stint as a prostitute she becomes involved with Bertie (Stephen Rea) who hires her as his magician’s assistant.

When Kitten’s friend Charlie comes to London she finds her and takes her away from Bertie. A club Kitten is in is bombed by the IRA and although injured, she is arrested as a terrorist, being Irish and male. Having been released when her innocence is accepted, Kitten is forced back into prostitution until she is saved by one of the policemen. Her father then turns up to tell her where to find her mother. Kitten subsequently does, but does not reveal her identity.

Breakfast on Pluto




“Jordan and McCabe’s real triumph here, however, is the tenderness with which they imbues “Kitten,” and the astonishing grace with which the extraordinary Murphy pulls it off.”
   TV Guide

“Cillian Murphy gives a tour de force performance.”
   Chicago Reader

“However great Murphy is in this film, even greater is Liam Neeson as Father Bernard.”
   Philadelphia Inquirer

Did You Know?

The barman in the scene in the Harbour Bar in Bray is the real owner of the bar.  Although she plays his mother in the film Breakfast on Pluto, Eva Birthistle is only two years older than Cillian Murphy. To prepare for the lead role of Kitten, Murphy studied women’s body language spent a few weeks with a drag queen who gave him instruction as well as including him on nights out. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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