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The film Boystown (Chuecatown) takes place in the Chueca neighbourhood of Madrid. A run-down, somewhat dilapidated part of the city, Chueca is undergoing a renaissance of sorts, as young gay couples are moving in, buying, and renovating homes. However, many of the oldest and best homes are owned by elderly women. This is where the sharply dressed real estate agent Victor (played by Pablo Puyol). Sensing an opportunity, Victor conjures up a plan to murder the elderly women, sell their flats, and walk away with a big real estate commission. However, Victor’s murderous rampage comes to a halt when he comes across Rey and Leo (played by Carlos Fuentes and Pepon Nieto, respectively).

Rey and Leo inherit an apartment from one of Victor’s victims, which angers Victor, as he only went through the trouble of murdering someone in order to get his sale commission. Not in need of a second apartment, Rey offers the space to his mother, Lola (played by Mariola Fuentes). Lola is overly hard on her son, picking apart his life choices, especially his choice to stay with his boyfriend, Leo. Victor seizes upon this discord in the relationship, and attempts to get closer to Leo, drive a wedge in the relationship, and attempt to find a way to murder Lola so he can sell her apartment.





“Chuecatown is populated with some of Spain’s finest actors, whose performances enhance an already rich script of feisty one liners and laugh-out-loud “I can’t believe they just said that” moments.”
   Polari Magazine

“It has the off-kilter logic of the Coens at their best, a simple yet involving plot and an air of polite nastiness that recalls the darker reaches of the Ealing canon such as the Ladykillers or Kind Hearts And Coronets”
Eye For Film

Did You Know?

A dark comedy through and through, Boystown (Chuecatown) easily rests in the genre between comedy and suspense. However, audiences will be surprised to learn this film is actually based on a comic book. Chuecatown is a comic book from 2002 that features a gay couple seeking to buy and renovate a home in the Chueca neighbourhood of Madrid. This comic served as the inspiration for Cheucatown / Boystown the film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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