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Following the ecstasy of participating in their first pride celebration in São Paulo in secret, flamboyant 18 year old Mauro (Luis Vaz) under the watch full eye of his Uncle Vicente (Marcello Airoldi) and best friend Rodrigo (Maurício Evanns) are walking home when they see a man being beaten up by a group of youth.  Mauro, his group of friends, a lesbian couple and trailing drag queens, run to the rescue and take the stranger back to Vincente’s apartment, in the gay comedy drama Boys in Brazil (Do Lado de Fora).

Nursing their wounds, the closeted stranger Roger (André Bankoff) tells the group that he is married, and the entire group confess to living a double life.  Mauro proposes to everyone that by the time the following pride comes around, everyone needs to be out of the closet and a Pink Pact is agreed.

At school Mauro confesses to Rodrigo that he wishes to become a drag queen, while simultaneously working his magic to pair his best friend up with hunky Lucas (Rafael Lozano).  As Mauro prepares for an official unveiling as a drag queen at Vincente’s apartment in front of his friends, the gathering is gate crashed by his shocked parents who hastily arrange an exorcism.

Meanwhile Roger discovers his wife is pregnant with their second child, bullied by his mother in-law Donna (played by the hilarious Silvetty Montilla), ventures back to Vicente’s apartment who is pretending to be married, and straight at work.  The two begin an affair with fake business trips in order to spend time together, until they are caught by Donna in a local cafe when Roger is supposed to be in Rio.

With the year almost up and the annual Pride celebration in São Paulo approaching can the group fulfil their coming out Pink Pact?

Boys in Brazil




“Silvetty Montilla is a riot playing Dona Vera, the Mother-in-law from hell – careful don’t touch her.”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade (Parada do Orgulho LGBT de São Paulo) featured in Boys in Brazil was named the biggest pride parade of the world by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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