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Maurice, played by French actor Pierre Prieur, is a teen who has fled his home in France for a new and better life. Arriving in New York with a pocketful of hope and not much else, Maurice makes his way to Brooklyn to find a place to live and a place to work. Maurice meets lesbian couple Kim and Betty (played by Raquel Nave and Rebekah Underhill, respectively), who own an underground burlesque club called “Bizarre.” Seeing an attractive young man in need, the two women offer Maurice a job in the club and a place to stay, which happens to be in their apartment above the club.

After a passionate night in bed with Kim and Betty, Maurice is introduced to Luka (played by Adrian James). Seeming to mix things up, Luka moves into the same room as Maurice. However, much to Luka’s disappointment, the two men don’t seem to be blossom into the budding romance he had hoped for. Maurice’s unexplained past in France appears to prevent him from finding any sort of love with Luka. Rather, when the bisexual Charlie (Charlie Himmelstein) visits the club, Maurice takes notice. Falling for Charlie, Maurice finds himself in a difficult position within this sexually fluid troupe he’s affiliated with.





Bizarre has some aesthetically vivid moments, mixing beauty and the grotesque with nightmarish results, and with some quirky, humorous twists and turns.”
   The UP Coming

“Many will simply be confused by the mishmash properties of Bizarre, but others will be sucked in by its hinted ideas, sexual atmosphere and fascination with the possibilities of alternative culture(s).”
Big Gay Picture Show

Bizarre is a tease.”
Screen Daily

Did You Know?

In the film Bizarre, Maurice (Pierre Prieur) is introduced to Luka (played by Adrian James). The pair develop a loving, yet somewhat ambiguous relationship throughout the film. However, Adrian’s involvement extends beyond his role as Luka. One of the many actors who can also perform music, Adrian James delivers the song “Smile” on the film’s soundtrack. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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