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Birthday Cake is the sequel that follows the widely acclaimed film, Groom’s Cake. Following a mockumentary style storytelling, viewers are invited into the unfolding events of three days leading up to a gay couple’s daughter’s first birthday party.

Screenwriter Daniel Ferguson (Chad Darnell) and soap opera actor Steven James (Rib Hills) are committed to each other and about to get married. While planning for the upcoming wedding, they find that their adoption application has been successful and are now parents to a baby girl. It is in the planning of the upcoming birthday party, and the actual event, that things go wrong in a cumulative effect, that is the cause of much chaos and hilarity. Chaos in the form of unexpected guests including estranged mothers arriving, a ghost and a peculiar birthday cake. Against the unfolding drama of the birthday party, the police are on the hunt in the neighbourhood for a killer.

The concept of family (the ones we are born into and the ones we create) is central to the story of Birthday Cake. Steven and Daniel come to realise that family relationships are worth looking after even when they are most challenging. The film also examines other universal themes such as love and sacrifice.

Birthday Cake


“While the gags are fast and plentiful, this swiftly –paced film about a beleaguered gay Hollywood couple and their adopted daughter makes its most lasting impressions when it is serious, tender, and emotionally gripping.”
   Bryan Buttler, Philly Gay Calendar

“Possibly the most startling thing about the film is that everyone in it is great. There are almost no performances that seem strained or particularly artificial, which is really surprising in an independent LGBT film.”
   Anthony Glassman, Gay Peoples Chronicle

Birthday Cake challenges all of us to make sure we give our parents some space to reflect, learn and evolve and holds out the possibility that sometimes (I know, not always!) that space can bring everyone to a new place.”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

Did You Know?

Birthday Cake was shot over six days on a shocking budget of $17,000 – a figure that excludes post production costs.  Rib (real name Robert) got his nickname Ribbit when he was six years old. He was catching frogs in a pond at the time. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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