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Tony and Leo are a happy couple residing in Washington, DC. Leo enjoys a stable job as a fund manager and Tony is a dedicated social worker whose only flaw is he takes each and every one of his cases very personally. Having been together for many of life’s ups and downs, Tony and Leo finally decide it’s time to make a commitment and get married. However, that commitment is soon tested by the arrival of a sickly infant who is abandoned at the hospital where Tony works. Seeing the baby as a sign that he and Leo should start a family, Tony pressures Leo to adopt the child, naming him Dylan.

As time passes, the happy couple adapts to their new life, with Leo remaining the primary breadwinner and Tony spending his time at home, raising and caring for baby Dylan and training his replacement at the hospital.

One afternoon Tony takes Dylan out for a day in the park. Things soon take a turn for the worst as Tony runs into one of his former cases, a distraught, alcoholic and abusive father who wants Tony to reunite him with his son. Tony refuses the man, and tragically ends up on the receiving end of a gunshot.

As his world is crashing down around him, Leo starts to shut everyone out of his life – his friends, family, even Dylan. Leo struggles between mourning for his lover and being saddled with the responsibility of a child he’s not sure he even wanted.

Better Half



“Set in present day Washington DC, Better Half is a contemporary drama about a young gay couple’s evolution from partners to parents, and the complications that an infant can create for a stable, thriving relationship.”
   Blog Talk Radio

“Better Half is a beautiful, relatable story”
   Gays With Kids

“Clay delivers a touching story about love, commitment, and what it means to be family.”
   Dave Croyle, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Spending months in casting, director Michelle Clay was determined to find the right couple and not just the right individual actors for the roles of Tony and Leo.  Choosing Grant Landry as Tony was easy, but the director sent Jaimie Fauth through three auditions before realizing he was the perfect Leo.  Ironically, the actors in life are opposite their characters in the film Better Half.  Grant Landry once stated he’d never be interested in having children, whereas Jaimie Fauth and his husband are eagerly in the process of adopting their first child. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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