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“Romance can be hairy” BearCity is an American gay-themed comedy drama in the style of Sex in the City. Following the lives and loves of a group of close friends who experience comical escapades and romance as they ready themselves for a big party weekend, we meet Tyler (Joe Conti), a “twink” (generally, slim and hairless men) who is attracted to “bears” (large and typically hairy men).

Tyler, an aspiring young actor in his early twenties, moves to New York City to further his career. He moves in with Fred (Brian Keane) and Brent (Stephen Guarino), who have been looking for a flatmate. Tyler hopes to experience plenty of sexual escapades, with his fantasy and ideal man, a bear, but finds he finds that his kind of good looks aren’t necessarily wanted in his new group of friends. In time, Tyler falls for Fred and Brent’s bear friend Roger (Gerald McCulloch) who is a ‘stud-about-town’. Tyler and Roger hit it off, but Roger is worried that people will judge him for having a relationship outside the bear community and so is not too keen on introducing Tyler to his friends.





“Douglas Langway’s middling comedy is sort of a “Sex and the City” for big, hirsute gay guys and the younger cubs who fancy them.”
   New York Post

“It’s a sweet movie with a lot of heart, and a few scenes made me melt.”

“A sexy, romantic comedy, one that is all about love and relationships, whether you happen to be a bear or not.”
   Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

The BearCity films are very loosely based on the popular television series, Sex and the City. Borrowing from this storytelling format, Douglas Langway crafts a story about a group of gay men, each searching for love and finding it within gay bear culture. In an interview with Gay Essential Douglas Langway explains “You know, it’s hard enough when you come out, especially to your family. Then it’s kind of OK when your mom’s like, ‘well, guys like Brad Pitt are kind of cute.’ But then you go on to explain that you’re attracted to something a little more like John Goodman, and that’s the real shocker. Moms don’t always understand that, so you almost have to come out twice to be a bear.” Review our Gay Themed Films Here

Read our interview with Director Douglas Langway

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