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Bangkok Love Story (เพื่อน…กูรักมึงว่ะ) pulls audiences into the dark underworld of the Thai mafia. The film opens with Make, also known as Cloud (played by Rattanabunlung Tosawart), who is a hitman charged with murdering targets for his mafia boss. Through inner dialogue, Cloud explains he only needs to take on one last job in order to earn enough money to care for his AIDS and HIV afflicted family. His mother (played by Utumporn Silapran) and his brother Mork (played by Weeradit Srimalai) depend on Cloud for survival.

Cloud’s latest target is Eit, also known as Stone (played by Chayawart Sang Thong). Stone is a handsome man who is preparing to marry his girlfriend, Sai (played by Chatcha Rujinanoun). When Cloud’s assassination attempt goes wrong, he ends up wounded by a bullet shot. Stone takes Cloud under his care, nursing him back to health and hiding him from the mafia, who now seek to murder Cloud for failing to complete the job. While under Stone’s care, Cloud and Stone become attracted to one another and form a relationship. As Cloud struggles with concealing his sexuality from those who would have him killed, Stone is anxious, denying his own homosexual tendencies and intending to forge ahead with his proposal of marriage to Sai.

Bangkok Love Story




“A captivating, but ultimately tragic tale of gay love from writer and director Poj Arnon, one exquisitely captured thanks to the stunningly artistic slow motion cinematography of Tiwa Moeithaisong.”
   Gay Celluloid

“The emotional pendulum flies off the hinge when an assassin gets it on with the man he’s supposed to kill in Bangkok Love Story.”

Did You Know?

In creating the film Bangkok Love Story (เพื่อน…กูรักมึงว่ะ), Poj Arnon served double duty as writer and director, which is not uncommon in the film industry. However, adding to his already overflowing plate of responsibilities, Poj Arnon also took responsibility for production design and art direction of the project, placing the written, visual, and emotional aspects of every scene squarely in his hands. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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