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A rare touching queer drama from guerrilla filmmaker Todd Verow, Bad Boy Street follows two gay men in the Paris who meet by chance and have a short fling.  Yann de Monterno stars as Claude, a Parisian in his 40’s.  On his way home from a nightclub, he discovers a handsome young man lying in the street.  Claude checks to see if he is ok, determines he is drunk, and decides to take him home so the young man can rest and recover.

The next morning, Claude wakes up to discover the young man is fellating him.  The man introduces himself as Brad (Kevin Miranda), an American actor in Paris for a short time.  The two men share a shower and breakfast, until Claude’s friend Catherine (played by Florence d’Azemar) drops in for a visit.  Brad panics and unsuccessfully attempts to hide out on Claude’s balcony, prompting Catherine to question Claude about this strange young man.

Realizing their time together will be very short, Claude and Brad embark on a romantic fling.  As their brief relationship unfolds, the audience is treated to a touching drama of love between two men in the world’s most romantic city, and spiced up by the anecdotes of a witty female confidant.

Bad Boy Street




“They say that almost anything is possible, but I never thought I would use the words “warm and fuzzy” and Todd Verow in the same sentence.”

“A must-see! Sexy, visual and never boring”
   Gay Express

“A richly satisfying film you’ll want to watch more than once.”
   New York Cool

Did You Know?

Bad Boy Street is arguably one of Todd Verow’s most beautifully art directed films.  Using the backdrop of Paris, Verow crafted a variety of classic compositions with his shots, with some scenes almost mimicking the works of famous French painters.  Verow also credits his three lead actors with writing the film.  The director called upon his talent to improvise many scenes, in an effort to deliver a personal and realistic portrayal. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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