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August tells the story of two men who were once lovers: Troy (Murray Bartlett) and Jonathan (Daniel Dugan). Troy comes back to Los Angeles having spent several years in Spain, where he has established his career. When he returns he phones Jonathan and they meet for coffee. What starts out as an innocent meeting becomes flirtatious as they enjoy each other’s company and remember the past.

Troy attempts to revive his romance with Jonathan, but finds it hard to decide whether to remain in Los Angeles and start a new life or to return to Barcelona. Jonathan, who now has a new boyfriend, Raul (Adrian Gonzalez), has to cope with his desire and longing for Troy. He has never got over the break-up and his feelings threaten his relationship with Raul.

Raul is an immigrant from Argentina and the most well balanced of the three men. He chooses not to confront Jonathan about Troy straight away and as he is having to work illegally as a bartender until he can get his working permit, he wonders whether he is willing to make sacrifices and to what degree to remain in America with Jonathan.

The film examines how people repeatedly try to break behavioural cycles and how they make decisions about their lives and relationships. The purpose of the film is not to provide the answers but to ask the question what if…





“An elemental triangle elevated by unusually detailed attention to nonverbal psychological cues, AUGUST is a gay romantic drama that’s sexy without feeling like a flimsy excuse to bare well-toned skin… ”

The Huffington Post

“Heat is generated in more ways than one in this highly tuned romantic drama. The acting is superb, and the film is beautifully photographed. Director and writer Eldar Rapaport has crafted an intelligent, well-written, realistic circle of characters.”
Edge Magazine

Did You Know?

In the film August while the crew was shooting the scene in the art gallery, a neighbor upstairs was annoyed by the intrusion and protested by stamping his feet on the floor. This led to some damage to one of the pictures. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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