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Victor (Eliott Paquet) and his best mate, Rainer (Dominic Wojcik), are two young libertines who want to see what the Parisian night life has to offer. Equipped with nothing but covetous curiosity and a few Red Bull cocktails, the teenagers hop on a train and begin their exploration. Once they arrive on the cold streets of Paris, they venture from club to club and soon get into trouble. A few lewd dances and witty conversations later, the fun starts to turn sour and rejections abound. Inside one of the clubs, Victor keeps trying to find someone who is interested in him, but without any luck. He is instantly attracted to a girl named Cécilia (Mathilde Bisson), but she ends up slapping him and cursing him out. On the other hand, Rainer is approached by a handsome gay man (Luc Chessel), who keeps dancing closer and closer to him. He climbs up on the roof to join Victor and comfort him after the humiliating rejection.

After picking a fight with a handful of young men and a rude kid named Theo (Niels Schneider), the teens decide to move on. Their lickerish adventures eventually lead them to the subway and a gloomy wooded area. The two youngsters have a heart-to-heart and confess their feelings for each other. However, Rainer seems to harbor stronger affection for his friend, seeing him as a romantic or sexual partner.

Atomic Age




“It’s a visual poem.”

“The score, by the helmer’s brother, Ulysse, and expert use of isolated sounds, this slowly elevates the tale from tangible reality to a more metaphorical plane.”

Did You Know?

The director did not want to create a plot-based film, but rather show a glimpse of what young life is like in the suburbs of Paris. The two leading actors, Eliott Paquet and Dominic Wojcik are not professionals – Héléna Klotz happened to meet them and asked them to play in her motion picture as the main characters. Atomic Age (L’âge atomique) won the International Critics Prize in the Panorama section at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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