Gay Essential Films To Watch, Antique (서양골동양과자점 앤티크)

In Antique Baker Kim Jin-hyeok is a wealthy heir to a family fortune looking for something to do, and so he embarks on the task of opening his own cake shop called Antique in order to spice up his love life under the guise of meeting girls.

However, he is commanded to staff only handsome bakers by Min Seon-woo (Jae-wook Kim) who is the mystical, charming head baker (the best baker in all of Korea) at the pastry shop, among which are the former boxer Yang Ki-beom (Ah-in Yoo) and an absentminded bodyguard named Nam Su-yeong (Ji-ho Choi).

Min Seon-woo and Kim Jin-hyeok happen to have a years-old relationship dating back to school days, during which Kim Jin-hyeok rejected his advances. Kim Jin-hyeok is not openly gay. Min Seon-woo, on the other hand, has an unearthly quality that draws men to him like moth to a flame, and he still nurses a crush on his former schoolmate. The story transitions from being a humorous tale of making sweets to a more fraught crime drama when Jean-Baptiste (Andy Gillet), a former lover of Min Seon-woo, arrives at Antique.





“An eye opening movie from the year 2008.”

“The movie is a cinematic representation of cake: cake is not particularly nutritious, it’s not part of a meal but it does make you smile and feel good”
   Beyond Hallyu

“A light and frothy take on the difficulties of combing love, friendship and work.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

Did You Know?

Antique is the third adaption of the Antique Baker manga by artist Fumi Yosinaga and part of the Japanese Boys Love genre.  Japanese directors such as Kotaro Terauchi have been making low budget Boy Love movies for some time but this was the first highly polished South Korean adaption, which due 1.2 million admission on its release. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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