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Opening with a suggestion of necrophilia and an accompanying message from two zombies to practice safe sex (regardless of the bodies being alive or dead), Angels with Tethered Wings is a unique gay-themed horror drama comedy split into three parts, and told out of chronological order.  The film centres around twins Gareth and Grant Gleason (Cory Tyndall).

Grant is travelling home by train taking his medication.  His seedy brother Gareth is a photographer / film director who is in receipt of $200,000 being delivered in person from “When do I get to fuck” online fan Cody (Trip Langley).  In exchange, Cody will have access to make his own private film and sleep with onset actor Timothy (Brandon Rife), clearly not the first time that Gareth is using his talent to pay off agency debts.  Timothy disgusted by Hicksville Cody, immediately leaves to set up his own business leaving Cody with a takeout cheese burger and no talent.   As Gareth speaks to a mystery caller to confirm cash in hand to pay off the agency debt, it’s discovered that Timothy has taken the $200,000.

The storyline moves forward to Grant visiting paralysed Timothy in hospital, promptly checks him out and moves him into a remote cabin in the woods for recovery.  As Grant takes his medication, the audience sees a flashback to a conversation between Grant and his lover Jessie (Addison Graham) discussing Timothy.  Grant gives Timothy a full service bed bath before an evening nurse in disguise arrives.  The nurse turns out to be Vanessa (Naiia Lajoie) from Gareth’s studio, who promptly alerts Gareth’s security, Nicky “Suits” (Andrew Vega) of the cabins location.   As the entire crew turn up, Gareth is going to ensure that Cody has his film completed, regardless of Timothy’s bed ridden condition.

Timothy is raped on camera as pay back from the $200,000 that he allegedly stole.  As Grant returns to the cabin and discovers what has happened, he attempts to suffocate Timothy to put him out of his suffering while explaining that he took the money to initially help with his own expensive medical treatments, but later made arrangements for it to be collected by Jessie & Timothy so they could escape together.  As the suffocation continues, Timothy reaches for a gun and shoots Grant dead.

The storyline moves backwards in time with Jessie waking up in his flat discovering broken glass strewn across his bedroom floor, and run’s into work (a local bar), late.  A lawyer representing a mysterious client visits Jessie looking for Grant’s brother Gareth.  A new employee Timothy has begun his first shift, whose appearance is vaguely familiar to Jessie.  Jessie invites Timothy over for a movie night who explains his past as a video adult star working in Gareth’s studio and a connection is made.  Meanwhile Gareth’s associates have tracked down Jessie who they suspect of being in possession of the stolen $200,000.  Grant and Vanessa arrive at Jessie’s apartment to inform them both that the need to get out of town as Gareth will stop at nothing to get the money back, and Grant slips an envelope under the door upon leaving containing a safety deposit key.  Before Jessie and Timothy can read it, Vanessa returns to the apartment to collect the envelope that she pretends to have dropped as Gareth’s hench men move in to collect their debt.  Jessie is kidnapped and as Timothy chases after the assailants he is hit by a car resulting in his paralysation.

In the final chapter a grief stricken Jessie visits the grave of Timothy, proclaiming that he will do anything to get him back, overheard by a mysterious stranger.  Jessie wakes later that night to discover Grant and Timothy having a shower together and are now zombies, who have returned to help Jessie fulfill his promise of revenge.  Will anyone find the money?   Will Grant and Timothy ever return to their graves?  Who is the mystery caller?

Angels with Tethered Wings




“Swings from comedy to thriller to zombie flick with wild abandon”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“Not Your Usual Zombie Film.”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

“A ninety-nine minute work crammed full of Twilight Zone inspired horror and a chorus line of cuties whose clothes – well and as if by magic, suddenly all fall off”
   Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

Brandon Rife who is currently modelling for Tattee Boy earned a starring role in Babaloo Studios third feature film Angels With Tethered Wings following his debut in the Eroddity short stories.   Cory Tyndall took on the roll of Producer as well as acting lead in Angels With Tethered Wings. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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