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When a handsome young drifter named Chris (played by Pierre Perrier) lands in town he catches the eye of the lovely and naïve half-American Aurore (played by Lizzie Brocheré). Captivated by his charm and good looks, Aurore finds herself compelled to join Chris on a road trip through the French countryside aboard Chris’ camper van. Sensing an attraction continuing to mount between them, Aurore arranges for the pair to stay at her father’s apartment, providing Chris with a temporary home and a place for their desire for one another to blossom. Aurore throws herself at Chris, ultimately agreeing to marry the drifter she hardly knows.

Following the wedding vows, however, Aurore discovers her new husband has a dark, secret, sadistic side. Chris is sexually ambiguous and seeks his thrills in pursuing young male prostitutes and brutally murdering them, hence his need to frequently travel from place to place in an effort to evade a determined police inspector, played by Karl E. Landler. Much of Chris’ behaviour is attributed to his upbringing, which included frequent physical, mental, and sexual abuse from his parents. Upon discovering this dark secret, Aurore must decide whether her morality and obligation to the law is more important than her love for her husband.

American Translation




“An intriguing thriller that certainly gets under the skin of its murderous protagonist”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“The viewer is seduced by photogenic young stars, convincing acting, a throbbing soundtrack and plenty of sex. But the real pull is Pierre Perrier’s character, the handsome killer. The movie is largely a portrayal of how he becomes excited by the struggles and death-throes of his victims, whether throttling them slowly, or beating them to death.”
Eye For Film

Did You Know?

The female lead in American Translation, Lizzie Brocheré is no stranger to horror based drama and murderous deeds. Aside from playing the accomplice to Pierre Perrier’s serial killer, Ms. Brocheré appeared in the second season of the popular show American Horror Story: Asylum, taking on the role of Grace Bertrand, a young resident of the Briarcliff Manor who was sentenced for the murder of her step-mother and father. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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