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Alpha Delta Zatan is the directorial debut of Armenian filmmaker Art Arutyunyan, a former fashion designer dipping his toes in to the movie world for the first time. His background in fashion means he has a keen eye for visuals, and here he mimics the aesthetic of classic giallo slasher films, which compliments this satirical, subversive and overwhelmingly homoerotic debut effort.

Set entirely within the claustrophobic confines of a frat house, the film follows the increased paranoia between members of a fraternity as they start to disappear at the hands of a masked killer. Bryce (Jeremy Winter) is the new recruit to the fraternity- but after being welcomed by Sebastian (Conor Field) he instantly begins to think something’s up. Instead of being subjected to a hazing, he instead notices lots of suspicious occurrences, something that only heightens further when a reporter from the campus newspaper informs him of a conspiracy that has seen him slapped with a restraining order from Bryce’s housemates.

To go into greater depth would be to spoil the film’s later surprises, when the film’s deliberately campy aesthetic begins to reveal a slyly satirical commentary on contemporary US politics. If you don’t want to look deeper in to the narrative, it also works as a straightforward slasher movie – albeit one that offers viewers the chance to see more abs and butts than the usual violent horror effort. Director Art Arutyunyan is following up this debut with two films currently in production, planned for release in 2017; if you enjoy Alpha Delta Zatan, you should be happy to know that there’s more like this coming in the new year.

Alpha Delta Zatan



“Delivers a feature length film filled to the brim with well-toned, attractive men who get hacked up by a spandex wearing slasher while they’re in the shower. “
   Horror Society

“The film is filled with homoerotic horror.”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

“There’s a parade of very attractive and buff men showing off their pecs and/or underwear.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

Did You Know?

Alpha Delta Zatan director Art Arutyunyan has also is written and directed the short films Adamantine (2017) and the horror feature Armenian Haunting (2018). Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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