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All Over the Guy follows the story of Eli (Dan Bucatinsky) and Tom (Richard Ruccolo), two gay men with mutual friends. The story is told in flashback from the perspective of each character; with Eli to his friend Esther, and Tom to a fellow member of AA. Tom has never been able to fully accept himself as a homosexual, and has long been addicted to alcohol as a result, while Eli grew up in a family that urged him to embrace his identity, but ended up making him neurotic regardless.

The two men are set up on a blind date by their friends Jackie and Brett, who have faith in the compatibility of these two men. Nevertheless, their date turns out to be a letdown, boring the two of them to tears. Ironically, they bump into each other later accidentally at a flea market, and actually have a very good time together, and Tom ends up spending the night with Eli. However, the next morning he decides it was a mistake, and leaves.

Jackie and Brett try to set them up again, and they try once more at a relationship, only to fail a third time. Then Jackie and Brett get engaged, which forces Tom and Eli to meet once more. What initially starts as bickering leads to lovemaking, although Tom once again runs away in fear afterwards.

Once the flashbacks end and the story is caught up to the present, the people that each man is speaking to independently and in their own unique way lead them to look for each other one last time, to try again.

All Over the Guy




“While both leads are appealing enough, it’s the stuff on the sidelines that keeps All Over the Guy entertaining.”
  Mr. Showbiz

“A romantic comedy of wit and substance that actor-writer Dan Bucatinsky and director Julie Davis have moved gracefully from stage to screen with a change of title and sexual orientation.”
Los Angeles Times

Did You Know?

All Over the Guy premiered in 2001, with a small band called Marriage Flowers on hand to perform at the after party. That band later changed its name to Maroon 5. At one point, when the characters Tom and Eli emerge from a movie theatre, the poster for The Opposite of Sex can be seen displayed, which actor Dan Bucatinsky also appeared in, and executive producer Don Roos wrote and directed. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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