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Adam and Steve is a gay romantic comedy following the escapades of Adam (Craig Chester) and Steve (Malcolm Gets). In the beginning of the film, it is 1987 and Adam is a shy Goth who meets Steve and attractive dancer. The two go to Adam’s apartment for sex where Steve gives him Cocaine for the first time. Steve is unaware that the cocaine contains laxative and he loses control of his bowels in spectacular fashion, causing himself shame, so he runs away.

Seventeen years later, Adam is an ex-addict working as a tour guide and Steve is a successful psychiatrist. The two meet when Adam accidentally stabs his dog and Steve, treats the animal. Neither man recognises the other.

Over time, Adam and Steve fall in love having dated for a while and they meet each other’s families and best friends. Their best friends Rhonda (Parker Posey) and Michael (Chris Kattan) also fall in love after being initially wary of one another.

On the night that Steve decides to propose to Adam, Adam confides that his substance abuse and relationship problems stem from the disastrous evening with an incontinent dancer in 1987. Steve realises that was him and afraid of rejection, ends the relationship.

Rhonda manages to get the truth about Steve out of Michael and they explain everything to Adam who confronts Steve.  Adam is prepared to walk away but Steve eventually wins him round and finally proposes. The film ends with the two getting married with all their friends and family around them.

Adam and Steve




“A genuinely affecting love story with something to say about such contemporary obstacles to affection as weird families, hot exes, addictions, anonymous hookups, homophobia, irony, gay two-stepping — and the difficulty of connecting no matter what gender you go for.”
   San Francisco Chronicle

“It’s the most honest, refreshing comedy about love – gay, straight, or both – I’ve seen in many moons, and at the end everyone’s problems are solved by a country-western dance battle with drag doyenne Jackie Beat on the mic.”
Austin Chronicle

“It hits more often than it misses, and the best parts are always the simplest, in which the stars wing it with nothing to go on but their natural chemistry.”
TV Guide

Did You Know?

Adam and Steve had its UK premier on November 19, 2005 at the Cardiff Film Festival but was not on general release in the UK. The film grossed $309,404 in USA after 16 weeks and as of October 2009, it was the 3rd biggest grossing movie of all time from TLA Releasing Studio after Another Gay Movie and Latter Days. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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