Gay Essential Films To Watch, A Story Of Yonosuke (横道世之介)

Yonosuke Yokomichi (Kengo Kôra) is an ambitious and optimistic eighteen-year old who was born in Nagasaki. Leaving his hometown in order to pursue higher education, the young man arrives in a remote part of Tokyo, eager to make friends and meet like-minded people. After being accepted into a reputable university in the heart of the capital, Yonosuke is incredibly succesful both in his new-found academic envirnoment and in the school’s social setting. The young man befriends Yui Akutsu (Aki Asakura) and Ippei Kuramochi (Sōsuke Ikematsu) on his first day and easily climbs the social ladder from there.

Eager to learn how to dance and have fun when he’s not in class, Yonosuke joins the Samba club where he meets Kato (Gô Ayano), a young gay student who loves dancing and partying. The Nagasaki native wants to make the most of his time and gets hired to work as a bellboy at a fancy hotel. There he is seduced by the sensual and provocative Chiharu (Ayumi Itô). However, Yonosuke is also pursued by Shoko Yosano (Yuriko Yoshitaka), a cute and naive girl who is the daughter of a wealthy, higher-class family. Shoko falls in love with him and confesses her feelings after the two spend Christmas Eve together, leaving Yonosuke even more confused and beguiled.

A Story Of Yonosuke


“Undeniably Japanese, A Story of Yonosuke is a beautifully endearing tale that maps out the incredible impact one person can have on the lives of others.”
   Battle Royale With Cheese

“From a charming fish-out-of-water comedy about a country boy in the big city emerges a smartly made drama.”
The Japan Times

“A story set in 80’s, the fashion, people, cars and the whole sets have nostalgia to it and the cinematography is brilliant. You can experience the true 80’s Japan.”
Never Ever Sober

Did You Know?

Shūichi Okita is known as a light-hearted, musical director. Despite wanting to add a strong dramatic setting to A Story of Yonosuke, the director admitted that the film’s jocose quirk prevails, stating that even if he would explore other genres like violent or mystery films “they would be comedic” nonetheless. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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