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Set in France during the German occupation in Second World War, A Love to Hide (Un amour à taire) is about the persecution of both Jews and homosexuals during the Holocaust. It follows the story of a young Jewish girl, Sara (Louise Monot) who needs to escape from the Third Reich after seeing her parents and sister killed by the SS, while trying to leave for England. Sara is given shelter by a friend, but because of his status as a member of the ‘third’ sex, the Gestapo comes after him also.

A scared Sarah runs to her childhood sweetheart and friend Jean (Jérémie Renier) and his lover Phillipe (Bruno Todeschini), who are in a clandestine homosexual relationship. Jean’s plan is to pretend Sara is a Christian employee who works in his family’s laundry business. Sara lives with Phillipe, who is a member of the Resistance at his apartment and although she is safe, with this plan in place, Sara is horrified when Jean is taken to a Nazi labour camp, caused by a bad decision made by Jean’s brother Jacques (Nicolas Gob), which leads to Jean being wrongly accused of being the lover of a German officer.

A Love to Hide



“Director Christian Faure’s made-for-French-TV Un Amour à Taireis not only head/shoulders above the majority of American TV telepics but is on par with any number of passion- and intrigue-laden French WWII period flicks, sharing their great production values and perhaps overly discrete penchant for melodramatic plot lines.”
   Baltimore City Paper

“Occasionally over-rigged in script and direction, the meller, from helmer Christiane Faure, nonetheless provides a stirring tale of gay male lovers in the Nazi era.”

“There are certainly many films that have been made about the Holocaust, many of them excellent, but A Love to Hide is one of the best, if only for its unique perspective. It also stays away from the plaintive violin-driven score that so many films of this genre use, which gives it a fresh appeal. And its message – that love comes in many forms – is truly timeless..”
   DVD Talk

Did You Know?

A Love to Hide is director Christian Faure’s second film dealing with the subject of homosexuality. He previously directed Just a Question of Love (2000), a television film detailing a love story between two young men. This is one of few films about the deportation of homosexuals during  World War II and is loosely based on the book Moi, Pierre Seel, déporté homosexual by Pierre Seel published in 1994.  The film was dedicated to Pierre Seel who died in the same year that it was made. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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