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Set in the 1960s through to the 1980s A Home At The End Of The World follows several years in the lives of two close friends, Bobby (Colin Farrell) and Jonathan (Harris Allen). Jonathan reminds Bobby of his dead brother whom he idolised. When Bobby’s father dies, he moves in with Jonathan’s family where he finds the security he has been missing.

Jonathan is in love with Bobby and over time, they have a few sexual encounters. However, their friendship remains more brotherly than romantic. Jonathon’s mother Alice (Sissy Spacek) teaches Bobby to cook and bake and so when Jonathan goes away to college, Bobby stays and gets a job in a bakery.

Skipping forward to the 1980s, Bobby moves to New York City to move in with Jonathan and his roommate Clare (Robin Wright Penn). Bobby gets a job in a bakery and for a while all is harmonious. One evening while Jonathan is out indulging in one-night stands, Clare seduces Bobby. They fall in love and Jonathan, feeling left out, eventually leaves without telling them he is going.

After time and an emotional reunion, the three move back in together and Clare prepares for the birth of her and Bobby’s daughter, although both men will be daddy. Bobby and Jonathan open a restaurant together. One night when Clare sees them dancing, it is her turn to feel left out and in time she too leaves, asking Bobby to go with her. He says he cannot as he has decided to care for Jonathan who is now suffering from AIDS. 

A Home At The End of the World




“How many movies these days leave you wanting more? The funny and heartfelt A Home At The End Of The World is a small treasure.”
   Rolling Stone

“Colin Farrell is astonishing in the movie, not least because the character is such a departure from everything he has done before.”
   Roger Ebert

The Hours screenwriter Michael Cunningham returns to familiar territory with this drama about the complexities of modern relationships.”
   Eye For Film

Did You Know?

Scenes featuring Colin Farrell nude were cut from the movie because they were too distracting for test audiences.  The film premiered at the New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival before going on a limited release in the United States and eventually grossing $1,548,955. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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