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In the film A Four Letter Word, Luke (Jesse Archer) works in a sex shop with Zeke (Cory W Grant). Zeke takes gay liberation seriously, whilst Luke takes nothing seriously, preferring to ‘sparkle’. When he meets the exceptionally handsome Stephen (Charlie David) he reconsiders his position and considers the possibility of monogamy. Although Stephen initially thinks of Luke as a cliché, they are interested in one another and find each other attractive.

Over time, Luke starts to wonder whether or not Stephen is truthful or secretive. He appears to have an apartment and a trust fund. In the meantime, Luke’s friend Peter (Steven M. Goldsmith), an excessively tidy individual, is moving in with his boyfriend Derek (J.R. Rolley). However, their relationship is threatened by Peter’s compulsive behaviour.

Also going through change is Marilyn (Virginia Bryan), Peter’s Boss. Marilyn is a recovering alcoholic dealing with her issues when she receives a marriage proposal.

A Four Letter Word




A Four Letter Word is a surprisingly endearing romantic comedy that explores gay relationships.”
   The New York Times

A Four Letter Word is funny, touching and sexy. Under its comedic veneer are many profound thoughts on love, sex and relationships. It’s a great date movie.”

“A Sleek, slick, and very funny comedy about love, sex and living life on your own terms.”
HK Magazine

Did You Know?

The character of Luke repeats the same line several times during the film, saying “If you’re not sparkling, then what are you doing?”, it’s also Jesse Archer’s mantra or motto, as seen on his personal blog Jesse Archer.

Although the film A Four Letter Word is not officially a sequel to Slutty Summer (2004), three of the characters, Luke (Jesse Archer), Marilyn (Virginia Bryan), and Derek (J.R. Rolley) feature in both films. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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