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Billie (Tilda Cobhan-Hervey) is a 16-year-old teenager with divorced parents who lives with her lesbian mother, Jane. After finding out that she will have to live with her father, Tom (Beau Travis Williams), for a full year, Billie is afraid her relationship with Jane will suffer and makes a promise to decidedly meet with her every single week, on a Tuesday afternoon, for the entire year she will be away. The young girl also finds out that her mother is transgender and will soon become James (Del Herbert-Jane). The film follows the interaction between James and his daughter over the course of 52 different Tuesdays since the 23rd August.

Slowly but surely, the growing distance between her two parents deeply affects Billie and the student begins experimenting with other relationships and sexuality. When she is allowed to stay in her uncle Harry’s (Mario Späte) apartment, Billie brings over two older students named Jasmin (Imogen Archer) and Josh (Sam Althuizen) and starts recording her sexual experience in the threesome. What the young girl doesn’t yet understand is that she can run into serious trouble by engaging in these activities as the sex tapes can be considered child pornography. While his daughter explores her unusual friendships, James is faced with a difficult decision, as his body can no longer tolerate the testosterone injections he has been receiving.

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“It’s rather rare to get a depiction of a sex change on-screen, but it’s even rarer that it’s dealt with in such a delicate but also sober manner.”
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52 Tuesdays is fresh, confronting but more importantly revealing.”
A Sliver of Film

“In 52 Tuesdays’ affecting portrayal of flexibility and volatility, it strives and succeeds in two rare and resonant feats: smartly transcending customary conceptions of gender and sexual identification on screen, and crafting a distinctive and disarming addition to the coming-of-age oeuvre.”
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Did You Know?

The film’s story did not fully adhere to the original script and was instead consistently modified along the way. Since 52 Tuesdays was filmed over the course of an entire year (shooting took place only once a week) the events which unfolded influenced the writers, as well as the director and the cast were only given their scripts one week ahead of filming a scene. Sophie Hyde’s core message for the film is that motherhood is a genderless idea and experience. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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