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As the title suggests, 3-Day Weekend takes place over the course of a long weekend getaway. Simon and Jason (played by Derek Meeker and Douglas Myers, respectively) are a couple in a long term relationship. The time has come for an annual tradition, a 3 day getaway, which they share with their good friend Cooper (played by Derek Long) and his latest boy toy, Ace (played by Stephen Twardokus). Looking to shake things up this year, they all agree that each man should invite an extra guest to the party, setting the stage for a weekend of sexual escapades.

Each man takes the invite in an intriguing direction. Cooper opts to bring along his free-spirited nudist yoga instructor, Kevin (played by Gaetano Jones), whereas Cooper’s boyfriend Ace has invited his old college friend Cameron (played by Joel Harrison) to the mix. Jason selected a shy colleague named Mac (played by Chris Carlisle), and Simon decided to stir the pot by inviting hustler Andre (played by Daniel Rhyder). Simon has developed feelings for Andre, which puts his relationship with Jason to the test. Adding complexity to the weekend is the fact that Andre is recognized by several members of the group, having hooked up with more than a few men. The motley band of vacationers embrace a weekend of fun, sex, and heartache.

3-Day Weekend




“Featuring eight attractive gay men, musical beds and enough drama to fuel a Greek tragedy.”
Cinema Queer

Did You Know?

Gaetano Jones, who plays Kevin, Cooper’s free-spirited weekend getaway guest in the film 3-Day Weekend, pulls double duty throughout the project. In addition to playing a new age yoga instructor who loves being in the nude in nature, Gaetano Jones also wrote and performed some of the songs in the film’s soundtrack. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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