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In 20 Centimeters (20 Centímetros) we find Adolfo Carpanta Orozco, who prefers to be known as Marieta (played by Mónica Cervera). Struggling to survive, Marieta works as a prostitute in Madrid as she longs for a regular job and a source of funds to finance an operation. The operation in question is a sexual reassignment surgery, which Marieta desperately seeks to complete her transition. Her best friend and roommate Tómas (played by Miguel O’Dogherty) manages to cook up ways to help Marieta collect more savings, which puts her goals well within reach, despite any possible illegality in Tómas’ plans.

Further complicating matters is the fact that Marieta suffers from narcolepsy. Falling asleep and waking up confused in various places is less than ideal. However, during her slumber Marieta dreams of her ideal life, supported by a soundtrack of Broadway-style hits sung by Marieta herself.

On a regular day at the local market, Marieta catches a glimpse of Raul (played by Pablo Puyol). When narcolepsy strikes, she falls and hits her head on the floor of the market, only to wake up in a hospital with Raul at her bedside. Having cared for her, Raul now plays a starring role in Marieta’s dream sequences, and further drives her desire to separate herself from the last 20 cenitmeters she has left from her prior life.

20 Centimeters




“Mónica Cervera was as credible in her performance as the transgendered Marieta/Adolfo as was Felicity Huffman in Transamerica
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“Brazenly referential, it cheekily cribs off Bollywood, old-school Broadway musical extravaganzas and 80s pop chic, which for the best part of Marieta’s expressive subconscious actually turns out rather fabulous.”
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Did You Know?

Staying true to its Broadway and Bollywood likenesses, 20 Centimeters (20 Centímetros) has no shortage of over the top musical numbers to keep audiences swaying in their seats. As a result, the casting for this film was meticulous. In order to pull this project off, the lead and supporting cast had to be able to act as well as perform. Mónica Cervera was a logical choice for the role of Marieta, as she could not only play the part, but also belt out more than 10 tracks on the film soundtrack. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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