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Set in Philadelphia, Abigail Marks (Jessica Graham) is a femme fatale lesbian private eye, who has been hired to find Kyle Dalmar a famous portrait photographer by his agent Kate (Annette Kaplafka).  His identical twin brother, Michael (Michael Molina) has come to town and discovered that no one has seen Kyle for two week.  Michael pretends that he is Kyle and discovers that his brother had many enemies.  When he meets Abigail she rescues him from being assaulted, and the two join forces to discover what happened to Kyle, he’s closeted; she’s an alcoholic.  Abigail accuses Michael of being sensitive; he accuses her of being butch.

Their only clue is a camera memory stick, filled to capacity with his last models and photo shoots, Kyle is a Robert Mapplethorpe-like photographer with a penchant for the kinky. Could one of them know Kyle’s whereabouts or, perhaps, even be guilty of foul play?  2 Minutes later can mean the difference between life and death.

2 Minutes Later




“The queer Hepburn and Tracy, exchanging witty, abusive banter at the speed of light”

“The failure is so spectacular that it’s just a fun ride. And at only 68 minutes, it moves at a clip that won’t leave you bored.”

Did You Know?

In 2 Minutes later styling diva Brini Maxwell makes an appearance as gallery owner Emily Monroe. Director Robert Gaston stated in an interview that he was inspired to make an inclusive film after seeing men and women go into separate theatres for separate experiences at a LGBT film festival.  Keep an eye out for Writer and director Robert Gaston had a cameo-role as Bob the Bartender. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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