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Quentin (Pascal Cervo) is a young gifted writer who has become a bit of a prodigy after his first novel’s release. The book is centered on the adventures and struggles of his rowdy and street smart friends. After knowing great success, the highly acclaimed author becomes more and more preoccupied with his career, neglecting the companions who served as a source of inspiration for him. On the novel’s cover is the face of Quentin’s girlfriend, Julie (Élodie Bouchez), who is less than excited with her lover’s newfound fame. Feeling ignored and taken for granted, the girl looks for comfort and reassurance in her boyfriend’s best friend, Jimmy (Stéphane Rideau), a rap singer. Bound by their mutual care for Quentin, the two soon become involved in a romantic affair.

Another one of the writer’s friends is Samir (Meziane Bardadi), a lone wolf whom he met at a party. The homosexual Algerian had just lost his lover and “blood brother”, Rick (Romain Auger) in an unexpected accident and he opens himself up for the first time to his friend. However, Quentin only sees in his vulnerability an opportunity for further notoriety, and tries to exploit Samir by pressuring him to use his tragic story for his upcoming novel. The grieving young man falls head over heels with Quentin, only to be harshly rejected in the end. After the aspiring author leaves for Paris to pursue his career, his three friends are left to deal with their abandonment issues, as Quentin’s naïve selfishness divides the group further apart.

Full Speed




Full Speed looks at race, homosexuality and possession — but more importantly at that time of life when emotions, action and sexuality are all running at full speed.”
   San Francisco Chronicle

“In his directorial debut, French filmmaker Gael Morel gives us ‘Full Speed‘, an engaging effort that explores innocence lost between four young friends.”
Movie Magazine International

“A brilliant, assured coming-of-age story that has everything.”
San Francisco Examiner

Did You Know?

Gaël Morel’s project with Full Speed (À toute vitesse) was to string together a series of snapshots that translate a unique story in an impartial, sensitive manner. The film’s erotic undertones are meant to blur the lines between straight and gay, as well as challenge the inflexible definitions of lover and friend in the context of intimate relationships. There is no single point of view that takes the spotlight in Full Speed (À toute vitesse). On the contrary, every perspective is honored and thoroughly explored through Morel’s sensible, non-judgmental and dedicated approach. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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