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The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy follows the lives of a group of gay friends living in West Hollywood. Dennis (Timothy Olyphant) tends to be the glue that binds the group together even when they’re facing internal conflict, while Cole (Dean Cain) often ends up in bed with other men’s boyfriends, often causing more conflict. Taylor (Billy Porter), on the other hand, is the group’s resident drama queen, who had been quite proud of his long-term relationship until his break-up occurred recently. Benji, (Zach Braff), finds himself gravitating towards muscular men, and leads himself into a troubling situation because of it. Meanwhile, Howie (Matt McGrath) is a student of psychology who unsurprisingly overanalyses every situation, and Patrick (Ben Weber) is an irredeemable cynic.

Jack, (John Mahoney), is a restaurant owner that serves as a mentor/father figure for the group, giving them work when they need it, and advice whether they know that they need it or not. Soon, a new member joins their group, Kevin (Andrew Keegan), and a terrible tragedy occurs that puts them all at their wit’s end, and brings the solidarity of their friendship into question.

The Broken Hearts Club A Romantic Comedy




“A majority oriented movie that assumes sophisticated familiarity with a sexual minority.”
Entertainment Weekly

“It’s the first mainstream gay movie that feels totally comfortable in its shoes. ”
   New York Daily News

“An undemanding and reassuring amiability that made it a crowd-pleaser at Sundance.”
   Philadelphia Inquirer

Did You Know?

The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy is a semi-autobiographical telling of the director’s own life, based off of many experiences and relationships that had actually occurred to him, and especially about the group of friends he had in his 20’s. The entire film was shot on location in West Hollywood, in just 20 days. The hospital used in the film was actually abandoned, and the crew had to clean and re-haul it to get it into filming shape. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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