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Gay Essential Review: Splinters at BFI Flare

Most directors feel the need to overcompensate their material with cinematic flourishes, but Fitzgerald’s stripped down and intimate approach to the drama is far more rewarding. Splinters is a simple, quietly affecting family drama told in a humble manner; an authentic portrayal of an estranged family, where both the funny and moving moments come from the everyday. There’s no out of the ordinary dramatic twists here – and the film is all the better for it.

The Hanging Garden

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Hanging Garden

This British-Canadian film was shot in Nova Scotia and follows the life of a distraught young man who returns to his hometown after having left his family ten years prior. The Hanging Garden was written and directed by Thom Fitzgerald and released in 1997. The motion picture stars Peter MacNeill, Chris Leavins, Kerry Fox and Joel Keller.

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